About Us

A Commitment to Health & Well Being

Market-based Initiatives

Smart Deployment of Capital

Our Mission

To improve human well-being through healing, recovery, and economic opportunity at a large scale.

Our Values

  • We must help: we can (and should) work to increase the well-being of communities subjected to traumatic conditions and events.
  • Health is everything: physical and mental well-being is the fertile ground for innovation and growth.
  • We must equalize opportunity: the work must create opportunities for marginalized or recovering adults to find a rewarding livelihood through access to markets.
  • Markets provide the best tool: market-based innovation and entrepreneurship are the necessary tools to get this work done.
  • We must have a bias for success:  we need to divert our time and effort in replicating and scaling successful initiatives to give all communities the best chance to succeed.

Our Focus

Trauma Recovery

Where individuals or communities have suffered through traumatic events such as genocidal conflict or natural disaster, there is healing work to do long after the event.

Job Creation

Creating a culture of entrepreneurship, combined with access to capital, will provide well paying jobs and increase opportunity for all.

Replication & Scaling

If we stop “reinventing the wheel” in many markets and replace it with smooth replication and scaling of proven concepts, we will have a greater impact on more people in less time.

Our Team

Jon Freeman, Founder & President

As founder, principal owner and President of Stonecrest Financial, Jon is a real estate investor who has created, nurtured, and grown many successful business initiatives. As the Founder of CapCon, Jon is fulfilling another vision: to provide ‘hand up’ philanthropy by supporting social enterprises and women’s education initiatives that empower people to lift themselves out of poverty. To that end, Jon and Stonecrest provide funding and other resources for the establishment of CapCon. Through CapCon, Jon will provide not only direct support, but also a pathway for social enterprises to connect with the vast network of clients and investors Jon has built over the years.

Erika Luitjens, Executive Director

As a Stonecrest employee since 2011, Erika has deep business experience, managing many key company initiatives in marketing, HR, and office management. While wearing many corporate hats, Erika maintained a passion for social change, especially empowering women to alleviate poverty. It was that passion, which she shared with Stonecrest President Jon Freeman, that became the driving force behind an entirely new initiative…and CapCon was born. Having been an “unofficial” founder of CapCon, her role was recently formalized as she was named Executive Director. Erika has a Bachelors in Business Administration from the Babes Bolyai University, Cluj- Napoca, Romania.