Grants & Investments

Capcon is currently only reviewing grant proposals on an invitation basis, and thus unsolicited proposals are not accepted.  We carefully assess each proposal and therefore believe it is critical to stress the quality and care of the decision-making process versus reviewing a lot of deserving organizations.

We follow a multi-step process in exploring partnerships, which includes:


  • Initial screening for alignment of focus and mission
  • Research and assessment of personnel
  • Operational assessment
  • On-site evaluation, when possible

Sparking Entrepreneurialism to Change the World

Street Business School is a global training organization, teaching others to bring our proven and effective business training and confidence building to their communities, empowering people to become self-sustaining entrepreneurs. Our world-class and world-changing model is scaling to reach 1 million people by 2027.

Sharing the Benefits Mindfulness & Yoga

Ituze center is designed to bring people together in the practice of mindful meditation and yoga.

Classes run throughout the week, and all are welcome – from complete beginners to the very experienced.

The center is a peaceful and calm space with several spacious yoga and meditation rooms.

Visit Ituze Mindfulness & Yoga

Re-Imagining Healthcare

The Ihangane Project is a nonprofit healthcare organization that began working in Rwanda in 2008 with the goal of improving the health status of HIV+ adults and children. Our work in Ruli, Rwanda has evolved into a surprisingly simple, highly effective model for delivering health care to vulnerable people everywhere.

Hands-on Impact Training

Lynn University’s Social Impact Lab is an experiential learning space for students, designed to generate positive impact, both locally and globally, through sustainable business concepts. Expanding on Lynn’s longstanding citizenship, cultural, and career prep programs, students can gain social impact training, take part in experiential learning opportunities, and network with industry professionals.


Caring for people with Bleeding Disorders in Developing Countries

Save One Life’s mission is to empower individuals and families affected by bleeding disorders in developing countries through direct financial assistance and access to medical treatment.


Re-building the Lives of Child Soldiers

FROUganda’s mission is to contribute to the empowerment, rehabilitation and reintegration of former child soldiers, abductees, child mothers, orphans, and to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Countering Crimes Against Humanity

The Enough Project seeks to end to mass atrocities in Africa’s deadliest conflict zones. Enough counters armed groups, violent kleptocratic regimes, and their commercial partners that are enriched by corruption, crimes, and trafficking of natural resources. By helping to create consequences for the major perpetrators and facilitators of atrocities and corruption, Enough seeks to build leverage in support of peace and good governance. Enough conducts research in conflict zones, engages governments and the private sector on potential policy solutions, and mobilizes public campaigns focused on peace, human rights, and breaking the links between war and illicit profit.

Accelerating Social Enterprises

The University of Santa Clara is home to the Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI), which serves social entrepreneurs around the world who are developing innovative solutions that provide a sustainable path out of poverty.

GSBI helps social entrepreneurs fulfill their promise of solving big social problems through a structured curriculum layered with in-depth mentorship by over 100 Silicon Valley executives. The result: stronger businesses, prepared to receive investment and scale solutions for global impact.