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Capcon grantee Mama Hope has been busy!  Here are a few details on what they’ve been up to.

First, an article was published recently by Global Advocate Elise Pitcairn with some thoughtful and in-depth reflection on her work with CapCon grantee Mama Hope. We wanted to share this wonderful treatise.  You will find that much of what Elise writes about applies generally to the non-profit world.  Enjoy!

Secondly, we would like to share some details of Mama Hope’s Global Advocate Fellowship, by way of these postcards created by the fellows. Not only will you learn about what the fellows are up to, but you will have a an opportunity to help if you wish.

Click on the fellow’s name to download the postcard:


Here’s bit background about Mama Hope.  For more, visit their website.

“MAMA HOPE takes a radical approach to fostering global prosperity: we start by listening. Then we adapt our partnerships and efforts to respond with solutions that meet a community’s vision. Our Human Centered Development model brings together social entrepreneurs, NGOs and many other organizations to ensure communities have access to the holistic, 360° solutions they need to support sustainable growth.”