Our Mission

To improve human well-being through healing, recovery, and economic opportunity at a large scale.

Our Values

We must help: we can (and should) work to increase the well-being of communities subjected to traumatic conditions and events.

Health is everything: physical and mental well-being are the fertile ground for innovation and growth.

We must equalize opportunity: the work must create opportunities for marginalized or recovering adults to find a rewarding livelihood through access to markets.

Markets provide the best tool: market-based innovation and entrepreneurship are the best way to get this work done.

We must have a bias for success:  we need to divert our time and effort into replicating and scaling successful initiatives to give all communities the best chance to succeed.

Our Focus

Trauma Recovery

Where individuals or communities have suffered through traumatic events such as genocidal conflict or natural disaster, there is healing work to do long after the event.

Job Creation

Creating a culture of entrepreneurship, combined with access to capital, will provide well paying jobs and increase opportunity for all.

Replication & Scaling

If we stop “reinventing the wheel” in many markets and replace it with smooth replication and scaling of proven concepts, we will have greater impact on more people in less time.